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Scenery of Time


Lacquer, ocher, hemp cloth


This piece is an attempt to recognize what craft means to me and visually express it. To me, craft signifies the dedication of daily, repetitive hours to work. It's the attitude of earnestly and repeatedly performing tasks to create and express something. Now, the beauty of craft doesn't emerge from perfection. It arises from the maker's dedicated hours spent on their work and the touch revealed through countless repetitions. I aimed to sculpt and formalize the process of each repeated day's effort, and through that time, how the material transforms into its shape.

I carve the desired shape, wrapping it in hemp cloth, and coat it with a mixture of lacquer and ocher. The next day, I repeat the same process, and I continue this daily routine. After several repetitions, a thickness is achieved where the form can be sustained by hemp cloth, lacquer, and ocher alone, and the inner materials are removed. This repetitive daily practice forms the shape. Subsequently, I apply a mixture of lacquer and ocher, much like adding hemp cloth. The materials and brushwork used in shaping the form create the final surface finish and a unique texture.

Photo: Jandee Kim

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